Anastasia Samoylova

Born 1984, Moscow

Anastasia Samoylova is a photo- based artist who lives in Miami. By utilizing tools and strategies related to digital media and commercial photography, her work interrogates notions of environmentalism, consumerism and the picturesque. Samoylova’s work participates in the landscape photography tradition while scrutinizing the consumable products it generates.

In her series Landscape Sublime, Samoylova searches online copyright-free image libraries for various genres of landscape pictures, which are then collated, printed out, cut, folded, assembled as three dimensional studio sculptures and finally re-photographed. Her process is largely improvised, much the way we surf the Internet. For Samoylova, the Landscape Sublime final images are thoroughly international, indications of the emerging global standard of beauty and landscape. The works reflect her personal experience in that she was born in Russia and has lived in numerous locations across the United States. Through this series, Samoylova experiments with the constructs of reality, the bending of time and space in one image.

Samoylova’s playful series Breakfasts With grew from taking walks in Miami inspired by perceptions gained from perusing photography books. She imagined having conversations over an intimate breakfast with photographers she most respected. In the process of formulating these images, Samoylova pays homage to the photographers who came before her, and recognizes the effect their vision has had on all of us.

Samoylova has exhibited internationally, including Aperture Foundation in New York, Griffin Museum of Photography in Boston, and Brussels Photography Festival in Belgium. Her work has been featured in The New Yorker, Foam, and Wired. Her first monograph, Landscape Sublime, was published by In-Between Editions in June 2016.

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