Andrew Bush


November 19, 1994 - January 7, 1995

The Julie Saul Gallery is pleased to announce our third solo exhibition of recent work by Andrew Bush entitled "Envelopes". Andrew Bush first exhibited his series of intimate portraits of the interiors of an eighteenth century Irish country house called "Bonnettstown Hall" with Lieberman and Saul, in our premier public exhibition in the spring of 1986. The series was later published as a monograph by Abrams.

Andrew Bush's second major project was the "Vector Portraits" -large format candid portraits of motorists moving at high speeds on the Los Angeles freeways.
The large scale, saturated color, and often confrontational positioning of the subjects vis-a-vis the viewer make these portraits a startling contrast to the delicate color and subtle iconography of the unpeopled interiors of Bonnettstown. However, Janet Malcolm had already recognized in her New Yorker review of the Bonnettstown book what has become a leitmotif of Bush's varied but invariably beautiful and intelligent work - that is "the frank avowal they make of their voyeurism".

Bush's latest body of work, the "Envelopes" are photographic objects. Each image, which is an exact one-to-one ratio to the actual envelope represented, is placed in an antique negative holder or printing frame. The frame appears to contain the actual envelope trapped in a shallow space. A kind of American still-life tradition surrealist object is the result- an object of mystery and delectation which will never reveal anything! The Metropolitan Museum of Art (which possesses holdings from each of Bush's series) recently featured a grouping of the envelopes in their Fall 1994 Bulletin of Recent Acquisitions. Curatorial assistant Jeff Rosenheim observes in his entry ... "In the late-twentieth-century world of electronic communication, Bush's understanding that-- like painted portraits of one's ancestors- envelopes, with their untold secrets, will gradually disappear is both poignant and prescient."

The work will be exhibited in still life groupings which will shift during the course of the show- the scale varying from minute stamp envelopes to gargantuan containers.

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