Richard Artschwager: Photo/Works 1945-1996

Curated by Ingrid Schaffner

March 30 - April 27, 1996
  • Artists:

  • Richard Artschwager

Julie Saul Gallery is pleased to announce the first exhibition to explore the photographic in the work of Richard Artschwager. Portrait photographs of a chair, a picture cycle of blps and newspaper reproductions cum painting studies will be among the treasures culled from the studio and archives of Richard Artschwager. The show will also include examples of the artist's paintings, sculpture, and multiple objects.

The esthetics and imagery of photography continually inform his art, from the black-and-white pictures that appear in his paintings, to the fact that formica, Artschwager's sculptural material of choice, is essentially a photographic reproduction. Even his famous blps, those lozenge-shaped marks that can appear at any location, can be seen in terms of the mechanical blink of a camera's shutter making memorable a moment's worth of seeing.

Perhaps less known is the extent of Artschwager's own involvement with photography. For example, a selection of pictures taken during WWII (and never before exhibited) bears a surprising relationship to his mature art. Amateur shots of still lifes, dachshunds, soldiers and girls, with some snaps of refugees and battlefields, are essentially the same repertoire of images that Artschwager would later appropriate for his paintings: ordinary passages from contemporary life disrupted by an occasional scene of destruction

Photography and photographic processes loom large in the art of Artschwager's generation. Vija Celmins, Roy Lichenstein, Malcolm Morley, Robert Smithson come to mind. For Gerhard Richer and Andy Warhol, the studio archive has already been demonstrated to play a role in consideration of their work.

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