Arne Svenson

Las Vegas

April 3 - May 10, 1997

Main Gallery:

Untitled (chandelier, Hilton Hotel), 1993

Untitled (parking lot, Paradise Road), 1993

Untitled (astroturf putting green, Hilton Hotel), 1992

Untitled (wall sconce, Hilton Hotel), 1993

Untitled (topiary knight with shield, Excalibur Hotel), 1996

Untitled (vinyl drapery and asphalt, Las Vegas Convention Center), 1996

Untitled (roller coaster and video screen, Circus, Circus Casino), 1997

Untitled (airplane in Comfort Inn parking lot), 1995

Untitled (The Landmark Hotel from the Hilton Hotel), 1995

Untitled (conference room, Hilton Hotel), 1993

Untitled (black drapery, Las Vegas Convention Center), 1991

Untitled (landscape on wall, Las Vegas Convention Center), 1994

Untitled (logo at night, Hilton Hotel), 1992

Untitled (hotel hallway on Fremont Street), 1996

Untitled (mirrored windows, porn mall), 1997

Untitled (womens restroom, Caesars Palace), 1997

Untitled (electric X, porn mall), 1997

Untitled (whirlpool in hot tub, Desert Inn), 1995

Untitled (ceiling lights in porte cochere, Hilton Hotel), 1993

Untitled (air conditioning unit behind lattice, Las Vegas Convention Center), 1996

Untitled (west facade, Hilton Hotel), 1993

Untitled (pianos, Caesars Palace), 1996

The above are 18 x 18" silver prints mounted on ragboard, in editions of 20

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