Didier Massard

Imaginary Journeys

May 28 - July 23, 1998

The Julie Saul Gallery is pleased to announce the premier exhibition of color photographs by French photographer Didier Massard. The series in entitled Imaginary Journeys, and includes ten images which depict the idea of a place, elicited from both Massard's own imagination, and our collective romantic and touristic notions of nationality. His exotic locales evoke Ireland, China, India, Holland, the cliffs of Normandy...all created within the studio. His journeys are brought to life in reveries which combine meticulous precision with dreamy illusionism. Massard works for long periods on each of the tableaux, and ruminates that "each image is the completion of an inner imaginary journey." The extraordinary skies are all created by studio lighting techniques, and all of the elements in the scenes are created by Massard. Of the ten images included in the exhibition, five are presented in large scale (approx. 27 x 35") and the other five are presented in 16 x 20". He creates his editioned prints in each of these sizes.

This is Massard's first exhibition of his personal work. He lives in Paris where he was born in 1953, and studied art and archaeology. During 1974, after university, he worked as an assistant to Henry Langlois, director of the Paris Cinematheque, as curator of the photographic archives.

Since 1975 he has carried out commercial work in still life and interior photography for publications including Vogue and Elle, and advertising campaigns for clients in the fashion industry.

For further information and press prints contact the gallery.

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