Orit Raff

Inside Drawing

March 4 - April 8, 2000

Orit Raff's second solo exhibition in New York (the first was held at the Silverstein Gallery in 1999) is a photographic and sculptural installation consisting of architectural components based on the theme of passage into primary school from the home.

In this new project entitled "Inside Drawing," Raff has gathered images from several New York public schools, such as desk tops incised with drawings and graffiti, bulletin boards stripped of their displays, and erased chalkboards. The installation transforms the gallery into a disproportionate classroom where the photographs of desktops are installed on a structure which mimics a flipped open desk top. Another structure in the show hints at a student's locker or storage facility. The references to school and writing point out the process of mediating between the personal and public in the learning process, particularly in the early stages of reading.

Concurrently with our exhibition the Paula Boettcher Gallery in Berlin will hold a solo exhibition of Raff's work which will include the same components but a different configuration of "Inside Drawing." The different directions of "reading" the narrative of the two shows is an oblique reference to the right-to-left reading of Hebrew, Raff's native language.

Raff is known for the intimate, minimalist photographs of domestic details, primarily of the bath and laundry which she produced during 1996/98. The edge of a sink, the opening in the toilet, or a basket of freshly laundered whites evoke the familiarity and comfort of home.

Raff was born in 1970 in Israel where she attended the Betzalel Art Academy before moving to New York where she graduated from the School of Visual Arts. She later participated in the Whitney Independent Study Program. She is currently affiliated with the International Studio Program in New York. The Houston Center for Photography will hold a solo show of Raff's "white series" in March during Photofest.

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