Karin Apollonia Müller

Terra Cognita

January 23 - February 28, 2004

The Julie Saul Gallery is pleased to announce our second solo exhibition of new color photographs by German photographer Karin Apollonia Müller, following her Angels in Fall show held here in January 2001. Müller continues to work with a muted palette and low contrast to create images that speak with a powerful whisper. The exhibition will contain eight large scale prints representing landscapes made in different parts of the United States and Europe. None of them are particularly recognizable beyond the generic notion of mountainscape, seascape, sky or land. There are subtle indications of man, or his presence, but with no nationalistic associations.

Müller has described the work as exploring a "neverland, on the far side of our familiar concepts of landscape which quietly unfolds the irritating powers of the unknown- or Terra Incognita".

Müller's earlier work is more overtly political, reflecting on the individual in the urban environment. Although she consistently maintains an existential relationship to her environment, she now is seeking a place where she is alone in confronting the physical world. Some of the viewpoints are conventional, as in a cliff overhanging the sea in a Mexico Baha seascape, others are more fragmentary and fleeting, as in a misty mountaintop in Germany.

Müller is currently teaching at the University of Bolzano in Italy, and continues to live part time in Los Angeles, where she worked continuously in the late 1990s to produce the Angels in Fall body of work and her monograph of the same name, with the support of the Getty Foundation and the Lannan Foundation. Portfolios of her work have been featured in The New York Times Magazine (June 30, 2002), and Blind Spot (issue 17, 2001). Her work is in many important public collections including the Museum of Modern Art, and the George Eastman House, New York, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and Los Angeles County Museum.

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