Neeta Madahar


October 19 - November 25, 2006

British artist Neeta Madahar will have her second exhibition with the gallery featuring a new series of five photographs and a video projection. These works feature countless sycamore seeds spinning towards the viewer, seemingly without origin or destination. In the video the seeds fall from a blue cloud flecked sky: their descent is slowed to a dreamlike pace. The photographs, which are intended to be seen in an omni-directional manner, represent the leaves against a variety of backgrounds, and the final image brings the viewer back to earth. The title Falling refers to the literal falling of the seeds but Madahar also uses it to allude to the loss of control. The experience combines childlike wonder and adult anxiety.

This new project follows her project Sustenance in which she photographed birds feeding on her balcony. Falling and Sustenance have been combined in a beautiful catalog entitled Nature Studies published by Photoworks in the UK who sponsored her film along with Fabrica and inVIA (Institute of International Visual Arts) in London.

Her work is already in a number of public collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Nelson Atkins and the Kemper in Kansas, the Fogg Art Museum and the DeCordova in Masachusetts.

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