Project Gallery

Sally Gall


March 25 - May 9, 2007

Several years ago Sally Gall began photographing in New York's Central Park. The resulting series Blossoms is a departure from Gall's previous work in that it is color and the first body of work she has produced in her home town. Another related but independent body of work emerged from her time spent photographing in the park- an observation of people interacting in the park landscape during changing seasons. One example of this series will be part of the Blossoms installation.

There has always been a tendency to simplify and abstract in Gall's work but these images go much further. The color is both vibrant and subtle, expressed in shapes and swathes of form which are very painterly. The "color field" of blue and gray backgrounds are central to the balance and push- pull of the compositions. She is attempting to express that feeling of springtime tenderness and charge of energy which is so potent yet elusive.

This is Gall's ninth solo show with the gallery during our 22nd year of representation.

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