Didier Massard


May 10 - June 23, 2007

The Julie Saul Gallery is pleased to announce our third solo exhibition entitled “Territories” of new work by French artist Didier Massard. The first exhibition entitled Imaginary Journeys introduced Massard’s work to the United States exactly nine years ago. Roberta Smith described these efforts as “sparse, beautifully atmospheric landscapes, full of Romantic longing, …” and in 2003 Hilary Sheets observed that “knowing that the photographs are fabricated doesn’t diminish the seamlessness of their illusion.” All of Massard’s work is created in his studio and he works slowly and painstakingly to achieve his magical images.

This exhibition encompasses work make by Massard over the last four years and includes seven works presented as very large scale prints, ranging from 37 x 47” to 70 x 95”. Massard’s “sites” have become increasingly non specific and somewhat dark in feeling. These remote environments range from moonlit grottoes to threatening glaciers and nocturnal forests, as well as two underwater environments. The only sign of non floral life is the “Rhinoceros” who dominates a misty landscape, and the starfish and jeffy fish in the marine images. Massard seems to be conjuring up an earth as it was or will be before or after the occupation of man.

Massard lives and works in Paris. He has exhibited widely in the United States and Europe, and his work is included in numerous private and public collections including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Musee d’Elysee, Lausanne, and the Fond National d’art Contemporain, Paris.

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