Gonzalo Puch

A Temporary Garden

May 26 - July 1, 2011

The Julie Saul Gallery is pleased to present A Temporary Garden, an exhibition of new work by the Spanish artist Gonzalo Puch. This is our second solo show with Puch, the first having been held in March 2005. Puch has been living in New York since the fall of 2010 maintaining an artists’ residency at Location One where around half of the work in the show was made. Puch is currently at work on an installation created in situ in the residency's exhibition space, which the public is invited to visit as it evolves.

Puch's signature technique involves juxtaposing disparate elements into constructed assemblages and staged situations which he then captures photographically. The resulting photographic images are as poetic as they are mysterious, as suggestive as they are haunting, and are frequently imbued with an elusive, off-beat sense of humor.

As the title of the exhibition A Temporary Garden suggests, Puch's new work draws on the world of plants for its operative leit-motif. Leafy plants combine with busy line-drawings and assembled objects in one photograph; a bell pepper is carved into an ephemeral sculpture in another; and in yet another a twig and bits of colored thread are precariously organized into an image that brings to mind the traditional Chinese landscape drawing. In A Temporary Garden the line between the natural world and the world of artistic creation is not so much blurred as bridged -- as it is in fact in any garden.

In addition to the photographs, A Temporary Garden also includes a 5-minute video by Puch entitled The Next Cyclone in the Paradise Office. As in his photographic work, in the new video Puch utilizes a collage-like technique to create uncanny, dream-like sequences of images that suggest but do not specify a narrative thread.

Gonzalo Puch was born in Seville in 1951 and is based in Madrid. Initially a painter, he has been working with photography and installations since the early 1990's, while also teaching at the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Cuenca, Spain. He has had individual exhibitions at the Garcia Jiménez Foundation (Murcia, Spain), PhotoEspaña (Madrid), the Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art (Seville) and the Helga de Alvear Gallery (Madrid) and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Spain and the rest of Europe. His work forms part of collections such as the Coca-Cola Foundation, Blanton Museum of Art, University of Texas, the Helga de Alvear Collection, the Telefónica Foundation, the Arco Foundation and the Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art and elsewhere.

For further information please call the gallery. The Puch studio is at Location One, 26 Greene St. and is open Tuesday- Saturday, 12-6 or call for an appointment 212-334-3347.

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