Project Gallery

Charlotte Dumas


September 8 - October 15, 2011

The Julie Saul Gallery is pleased to present a selection of photographs from Charlotte Dumas' new project and book Retrieved. Earlier this year Dumas set out to photograph the surviving rescue dogs that, in the aftermath of 9/11, worked at the sites at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Out of the group of almost 100 dogs originally deployed by FEMA, she located 15 surviving rescue dogs and arranged to photograph them. The now retired dogs are all still living with their owners, and she visited them in their homes in twelve different states. At the time of the attacks, all of the dogs were at least 2 years old, so today they are in their old age.

Dumas has portrayed these dogs nearly a decade later, with the intention of reuniting them and bringing them together in the form of a book and body of work. She photographed the retired dogs in the familiar surroundings where they live with the handlers who accompanied them in 2001. This series of photographs has just been published as a book by The Ice Plant and will be released in September. They were recently featured in The New York Times Sunday Magazine on August 14th.

There will also be a book signing and fundraiser at Clic Bookshop and Gallery benefiting the First Responder Alliance produced by Love & Hate Inc, Special Projects Management for the Arts. For all information about the evening on September 29 at Clic, please contact Tim Groe:

Dumas was born and is based in the Netherlands and completed her studies at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2000 and later studied as a resident at the Rijksacademy for Visual Arts in Amsterdam from 2001-2002. She takes animals as her subject, from domesticated pets to "wild" animals who live in varying forms of captivity. In all of her studies of animals, Charlotte Dumas highlights the intensity and intricacies of the relationship between animals and their human counterparts . Her premier exhibition at the gallery was held in November 2010.

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