Didier Massard

L'Atlas Imaginaire

September 5 - October 19, 2013

The Julie Saul Gallery is happy to announce our opening shows of the fall season, and Didier Massard's fourth solo exhibition entitled "L'Atlas Imaginaire". The exhibition includes nine works, all produced since his previous show in 2007. His choice of subjects range from nature to mythology and architecture. Massard is known for his imaginative, elaborately fabricated photographs that record studio constructions meticulously crafted and masterfully lit. These projects begin with an idea, are extensively researched and are competed after months devoted to their execution in his Parisian studio. Because Massard only uses manual techniques to fabricate his images, the effect is different from digital imaging. Our experience of each image leaves us lingering on every detail as we question both the reality of the subject and the process used to achieve it.

Among the works the new "Aurora Borealis" will be shown in a large scale along with the "Monkey" which was featured in the great "Otherworldly" diorama exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design in 2011. The most recently completed work "The Tiger" joins the" Rhinoceros" and the "Elephant" in his menagerie of animals which merge the real and the imagined.

Massard has remained committed to his intensive studio practice producing increasingly complex meditations on nature and fantasy. Among the new works is an homage to Breughel in a new interpretation of "The Tower of Babel", and to the firebird in a Russian fairy tale. The ideas come from many places; music, literature and all genres of historical research. Massard has exhibited extensively in the United States and Europe including a recent inclusion of his "Underwater Cathedral" at the Conciergerie in Paris in the 2012/2013 show "Reve de Monuments", and a solo show at the Alliance Francaise in New York in 2011.

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